Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lagger Blues Machine – “Lagger Blues Machine” {BEL} [1972] @128 kbps (Insane Avant-Prog)

Hello Friends, since I can't write a better review of Lagger Blues Machine than the one written by Mr Dag Erik Asbjornsen on his Scented Gardens of the Mind book, i'll go here with the old cut and paste:

"Many experienced record collectors regard Lagger Blues Machine as the very best Belgian group from the early seventies. Listening to their eponymous album it's easy to understand why. LBM combined odd elements from Soft Machine, Moving Gelatine Plates, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Magma and 20th century classical music to a very original and largely instrumental rock ensemble style.

This made them pioneers of the archetypical Belgian dark symphonic style that later evolved into groups such as Univers Zero and Present. LBM mainly used a powerful combination of electric/acoustic guitar, organ/electric piano and sax/flute playing very complex themes to a restless rhythmical backing. All tracks were written by the two keyboard players. The main piece was a "Symphony" in two parts."

What are yoy waiting?! go and grab!


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Lagger Blues Machine- Symphonia 1ere partie


Algarnas said...

Links here:

Lagger Blues Machine-“Lagger Blues Machine”

Regex said...

Thanks for the great music.

A question: do you have Shingetsu's same album. I'm looking for this japanese prog album, but I can't find it.

Nektar said...

Incredible! Thank you!

Algarnas said...
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Algarnas said...

NEKTAR: glad uou like it, suggestions are welcome, so remember if you are looking for a hidden treasure... call us and we'll help :D

REGEX: Shingetsu's 1st you can download from:

Regex said...

I love you Algarnas ;)

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium, thanks !!!

@ +

Algarnas said...

Glad you like it man, In the near future I will post other great bands from Belgium like Jenghiz Khan and Julverne.

Keep Listening and many thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Harald from Norway:
Thanx for great album!
Do you also have this album:Karel Bogard & Co:"Blues from over the border"?

Algarnas said...

What's up Harald, Glad You Like It, I'm look for the Karel Bogard & Co. record, if you have any other suggestion, please let us Know.

Again, thanks for your support man!

Anonymous said...

Harald from Norway:

I'm also very interested in these 2 albums from Belgium:

Let me know if you're seeking music from Norway....

Regards man,and peace to you and your family....

cheeba said...

Hi Harald & Algarnas, if you are still lokking for Karel Bogard & Co. it can be found here:

isabelbc said...

hi Cheeba,

Thank you very much!

Isabel :o)

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