Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mago De Oz - "La Leyenda De La Mancha" {Spain} [1997] @192 (prog folk rock/metal)

MAGO DE OZ was founded in Madrid during 1989 by the drummer Txus, who recruited all other members until reach the first line-up, who lasted until 1995: Txus (drums), Mohamed (violin), Carlitos (guitar), Chema (guitar), Salva (bass) and Juanma (vocals). Then, Chema, Salva and Juanma left the band, being replace by Frank, Sergio and José, and these were the only changes since then. Combining in an unique way heavy metal, celt, folk and read more here (most of the time i send albums that i listened for a long period..i meet the name -mago de oz- newly..i love their style of playing.. thanks to my friend isabel for her recomendation..whatever you like to listen, i think you like this band too)

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Molinos De Viento..


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Anonymous said...

Ewwww...this thing shouldn't even be consider as prog

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