Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kirile Loo – “Saatus” {Estonia} [1994] @224 (experimental folk)

This is an extremely varied record featuring the Estonian vocalist Kirile Loo. Loo is firmly rooted in Estonian folk tradition and academically trained. The aboriginal Estonian "runic songs" known as regilaul go back three thousand years. Her songs range here from enchanting beauty to moving exhibitions of tragedy encapsulated in the same timelessness. These are transformations of the traditional melodies sung in the vernacular. Equally fascinating ethnic instrumentation is employed; the kannel (stringed instrument), roopill (a reed pipe related to the bagpipe), parmupill (Jew's harp), olepill (straw whistle) and lokk (wooden gong). Saatus is a unique treasure. (review by:Thomas Schulte, All Music Guide) Keep Listening!

Hakkame, mehed, minema..

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Sorry, the link is not working, i would love to have this CD please if you could send me or something -! Thanks!

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