Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tractor – “Tractor” {UK} [1972] @320 kbps ;The way we live –“A candle for Judith” {UK} [1971] @192 kbps (British Space, Hard Rock & Folk)

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Well Guys, this week had been difficult to post (A HUGE AMOUNT OF WORK), so the review from Tractor and The Way we live will be taken directly from

"Perhaps the original D.I.Y. project, recorded in John Peel’s "Dandelion Studios", which was nothing more than an upstairs bedroom in a London flat of the producer’s parents! Lauded by critics at the time of release, and even today, Tractor will always be a "cult status" group as was its predecessor The Way We Live.

Tractor were just a duo, Jim Milne on guitar / vocals and Steve Clayton on drums and percussion (with occasional flute and piano). With such sparse instrumentation, one would expect a delicate singer songwriter album. Quite the contrary as Tractor create an amazing racket, mainly due to Milne’s massively intense fuzz guitar layered over his overdubbed acoustic guitar strumming and bass lines. Meanwhile Clayton drums up a storm especially with the hand percussion at his disposal. Tumultuous! Not to shortchange the songs - as they’re right out of the English factory of quaint melodies and dreamy vocals.

Contrast and dynamics are what separate Tractor from their contemporaries of the day. A couple of years later, a US band from Cleveland would nearly duplicate the power duo that Tractor pioneered. They too were left for the "cult status" trash heap. That would be Atlantis Philharmonic."

Ok Guys for more Info you could go here to Julian Cope's extensive Review on Tractor and the Way we Live.

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The way we live-"Willow"
Tractor- "Shubunkin"


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Tractor -“Tractor part 2” is the same link as The Way We Live-“A Candle for Judith” Still need part 2 of Tractor

Algarnas said...

Sorry for the Inconvenience, CORRECTED LINKS HERE:

Tractor-“Tractor part 1”

Tractor-“Tractor part 2”

The Way we Live-“A candle for Judith”

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