Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Les Menestriers - "Domino" {FRA} [1973] @224 (Medieval Trubadours Delight)

This is not Prog Rock, not even Rock. Then ¿why I post such an Item?, simply... because it's such beautiful music I want to share with you, my friends!

Les Menestriers it's simply a medieval music ensemble, perhaps the only thing I notice diferent is that LM usually achieve to create Large suites compose of Tiny pieces (Usually dating XIV to XVI centuries),

If you are a folk enthusiast you'll achieve to identify pieces that are regulars in artists such as John Renbourn, Stone Angel, Gryphon, Etc.

is Les Menestriers 3rd Album,

For my is a pleasure bring you this truly magical artifact, and I will be very pleased if the music inside Domino give you all the pleasure it has given me.

Enjoy, and...

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Les Menestriers- E Dame Folie
Les Menestriers- Mon Bien ma Joyeux

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Algarnas said...

Les Menestriers-"Domino"

Anonymous said...

awesome! brilliant

Rollo said...

thx a lot guy ! Love old music !

benito x said...

What a coincidence! I'm slowly working my way through ripping most of Les Menestriers catalog (all I could get my hands on at least). Not to post, just for my own pleasure:
CVR2001, CVR2002, CVR2003 (Domino), CVR2004, CVR2005, FTL1 0133.
It's sad this music has never been re-issued on CD. I met their Viol da Gamba player Jean-Pierre Batt in 197? and he taught me to play guimbarde (jews harp) properly, something I still enjoy and now collect.
Please let me know if you have other Menestriers recordings than I've listed above!

Anonymous said...

hermosa musica, en verdad.

gracias mil

Algarnas said...

Benito: Gracias me gustaria si me puedes dar esos link de Les Menestriers, gracias de nuevo!!!!!!!

Al usuario anonimo: gracias a ti por apoyarnos!!!

FilterEgo said...

I think the links are broken :(

Les Menestriers-"Domino"

FilterEgo said...

I think the link is broken :(
Les Menestriers-"Domino"

The Herbalist said...

My friedn I justested the kink and it is working perfectly well.

Anonymous said...

I think FilterEgo is right: the link is NOT working. Unfortunately !! Does anyone have a better link? :-))

arbor said...

hi PNF,
If you have a chance, could this be reloaded I am desperate to hear it! Best wishes

Anonymous said...

more links:

Anonymous said...

link caduto

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