Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wishbone Ash - Fighters and Warriors London 1972 {UK} [1972] @256 (Excellent Bootleg) (Kindly Submitted by Blplus)

Hello My friends.

Wishbone Ash has always been a secret adiction. I must admit that they were never really a supergroup. They had tough competitors in the early 70's british scene and those compertitors got better recording deals and better production resources.

Think for example of the visuals on stage of bands like YES or EL &P. Wishbone Ash never got that kind of artistic or Surrealistic appeal.

On the other hand, due to the lack of a keyboard base, they never got to jump in the progressive train, so, they were left uncharted in the ocean between the hard rock and the prog rock continents, not really belonging to one or the other.

Nevertheless, Wishbone Ash got to retain a solid bunch of follower that supported them over the years. Most of us (yeah, include me in that bunch) got hooked after just one listen to Phoenix, one of the archetypes of the long psych sound flight and for sure one of the best songs that Mother Rock has ever given birth to.

But hey...! you don't need to believe me. Just lend an open ear of the live version of Phoenix contained in this bootleg we bring you today. It is really a flight.


These are the notes that Mr. blplus included when he send this album for posting.

Fighters and Warriors Bootleg
Tracks Total time: 55 min
Time Was
Blowin' Free
Throw Down The Sword
The King Will Come

Publisher: Oh Boy 1-9058, Luxembourg 1990
Source: Paris Theatre, London 25-May-1972

Line-up: Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Martin Turner and Ted Turner

Keep Listening...!!!

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Thanks to Blplus for this one.

Wishbone Ash - The Warrior...


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This Way to Wishbone Ash Part 1


This Way to Wishbone Ash Part 2

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