Sunday, August 06, 2006

ProgNotFrog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon #007 With The Herbalist (with this particular one we protest against war)


When I announced an anti-war show two days ago I didn't expect to receive some many comments:

Actually, we received three kinds of comments.

(1) Plain Stupid Fascist and/or Fanatic comments. They were rejected without any serious reading.

(2) Smart and well articulated comments, but inclined to one side of the conflict actually taking place in the Middle East. They were rejected after serious reading , they were thought about and we respect those who wrote them but we decided not to allow those to be shown in the blog. Thanks anyway for your opinions. By the way, we also believe that there's people pushing this war and taking advantage from the situation there... but before even starting to discuss that we raise our voice to stop violence.

(3) Nice neutral comments from people that understands that war must be stopped, and that also understands that previous to any discussion, consideration, accusation, etc the world needs violence in the middle east to stop. Those comments were published.

The announcement has been deleted because we now publish the show itself.

We'll be playing music rooted both arabic and hebrew traditions. From the Muslim-Rock of Dissidenten to the exatraordinary Klezmer influenced band called Beirut. From the Rabinic Chant inspired ambient of Wally Brill to the an arabic blues drenched song of Natacha Atlas. From the deep and emotive work of Black Ox Orkestar to the Tuareg Inspired experimental rock of Justin Adams.

All this and more.

Peace and...

Keep Listening...!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry! This is very nice and, somewhere down the line, can
you leave a list of "who's who?"
I'd like to search out a couple of these artists and I do have a friend on the
west coast of the u s of a that collects this music and I'm sure she's not heard
these......Either way, Thanks again and sorry about deleting the 1st comment! Cheers!

The Herbalist said...

No problem about the first comment.
By the way.. Sorry! I always put the play list in the rar and I forgot to do it this time.
So I will do this:
I will put the playlist here for you and I am going to re upload the rar with the playlist.

This is it:

The Voice of The Moon , August 6th, 2006

1.- Dissidenten - Zain
2.- Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess) – Mi Dimandas
3.- Toires - Lelital
4.- Black Ox Orkestar - Bukhara
5.- Vox – Bearer of The Cups
6.- Justin Adams – Blue Man
7.- Towering Inferno – The Rose
8.- Natacha Atlas – I put a sell on you (Screaming Jay Hawkings cover)
9.- Beirut - Mount Wroclai
10.- Wally Brill - Kiddush Le-Shabbat
11.- Wally Brill – Ritzeh (We Pray)

Thanks for listening!!!!

Anonymous said...

great work! i am googling the artists now..thank you for this :) stay in peace world!

Anonymous said...

H: Appreciate the list. Although I enjoyed them all, there were 2 in particular
I want to look into. And, I really want to get some Wally Brill, he really grows on me. Cheers!

Miss F said...

hello HerbalisT... i posted some comments aT y0ur first ever voice of the m00n your 0ther bLog. hope u get to read it.


Chenard Walcker said...

nice! i did a track with israeli poet Roy Chicky Arad against the war in Lebanon, called "Street (Haifa-Beirut 2006)" :


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