Thursday, August 16, 2007

Arsenal - "Unknown Arsenal" {Russia} [1977-1989] (jazz rock)

I remember some friends asked for the earlier albums by Arsenal, such as "With Their Own Hands" and "A Dangerous Game", to be posted at PNF. I gave those titles a listen a couple of days ago, and found them just as good as before. Good old Arsenal seems to be passing the test by time succesfully, so I am seriously thinking about posting all of their worthy albums here. However, before Arsenal's more or less known regular albums appear at PNF, I suggest those interested to check this extensive, 2.5 hr long compilation of the band's archival materials. Made available in 2005, this double CD set features compositions recorded live or in semi-professional, often underground studios in the late 70s and throughout the entire 1980s. Most of the tracks never appeared on the official LPs of the group. What I like about this album is raw, unvarnished character of the music, and an apt proportion between the 'jazz' and 'rock' ingridients. I also enjoy the power of honest musicianship here, I mean the sense of genuineness which originates from the band members playing what's on their minds, not trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds (the latter was the problem of Arsenal in the late 80s and from then on). This is Russian jazz rock at its best, enjoy!


01 Bolero - 10.10
02 Premonition- 9.25
03 Shaman's Dance - 6.41
04 Alladin's Lamp- 7.56
05 The Ballad - 6.22
06 Forgotten Song - 9.47
07 Prelude in E Minor - 6.36
08 Ivory Tower - 7.29
09 The Dance of Jazzy Freedom - 8.08
10 Envy - 10.32
11 Memories of Atlantis - 8.39
12 Cloud Castle - 5.11
13 In Silence - 4.13
14 Temptation - 9.04
15 Echoes of Jazz - 7.52
16 The Last Sight- 7.51
17 Silver Blues - 8.06
18 The Winged Horse of Chollim - 10.04
19 Dialogue - 6.11

Due to excessive size, the archive is split into 4 parts. The links are to be found in the comments.


Serhiy said...

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ende said...

Thank U! Thank U! Thank U! Arsenal is one of my favs band ever!

Anonymous said...

hello! thx this is great!!!!!
Sithlord from Hungary

calumbinho said...

Oh, no, I discovered this blog way too late! I believe the links are not working anymore - would it be possible to put this album (and/or "Good God") up again?

Thanks anyway for all the great music that I've still found up and running!

Anonymous said...

thanks you, I feel so lucky find this band at your blog, and thanks God, the link still working,..

regard from Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

can you repost the links! we love arsenal and Vasily is still a fucking rock star!

Anonymous said...

Ehhhhhhhhhhy, please repost this gem, it's beatiful!

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