Friday, August 17, 2007

Kazma Kazma - "Catacombs of Love" {Ukraine} [1993] (folk/medieval/avant)

Kazma Kazma is a currently defunct Ukrainian outfit which made quite a statement in the early 1990s with their bold, original treatment of medieval and march music stylistics. The band's debute album called "Dances of Troubadours" featured flabbergasting crossover between modern indi-style songwriting and troubadour tradition, and was just bursting with epatage. The second album, "Catacombs of Love", came out two years later and was a comparatively conservative and reserved effort further exploring the band's interest in medieval music legacy. The compositions are shorter, stylistically straighter and somewhat less inventive. Not as monumental as the first album, it may still be a worthy listening for those who enjoyed "Dances of Troubadours".

I wish I had a better quality copy of this one. Unfortunately, it was only released on tape some 15 years, and time definitely hasn't been kind to that particular cassette which was used as a source for this rip. Still, I am extremely thankful to Alexander Bugerya who digitized this record and made it available at the Ru_Tape community.

I don't have neither cover art, no track-list info for this one. Line-up is also something to guess.

The link is to be found in the comments.


Serhiy said...

The link:

Anonymous said...

Very unique group indeed - thanks!

Alex B said...

This is real modern folk music. Sometimes, pure vanguard, but always a folk music with smell, taste and atmosphere of far ( in time and space) stoppages, a little beat martial, mystic. Well, try to describe Kazma and to say bullshits is too easy. Listen and marvel yourself.

Tulpa said...

I loved the first Kazma Kazma album posted here, I was wondering if you could re-upload this one since the link seems to be down.

fnwerocsdf said...
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