Sunday, August 19, 2007

Feliu I Joan Albert - "Feliu I Joan Albert" {Spain} [1977]

Reissue of the sole album of this Catalan duo, Feliu Gasull (Spanish guitar) and Joan Albert Amargós (piano), both cousins. Post-Musica Urbana, originally released by Edigsa in 1977 and never reissued before. Recommended for lovers of Toti Soler, Musica Urbana and progressive in general. "After the classic Musica Urbana, here is my other favourite Spanish release from the late '70s, featuring Joan Albert Amargos, Musica Urbana's keyboard player and main composer, who here plays mostly acoustic and some electric piano, and the remarkable acoustic guitarist Feliu Gusul. This is pure music; breathtakingly executed (and exquisitely recorded, you can even hear the sharp intake of breath sometimes as Feliu negotiates some impossible fingering). Occasionally other electric instruments, percussion, woodwinds are added. This has all the imagination and energy of '60s jazz, though speaking a completely different musical language; very Spanish, wholly original. A classic." -- Chris Cutler.

El Calita de Cassoles..

thanks to my friend zen :)


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siento decirlo pero no tienes ni idea de musica.

que pena

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Thanks for this wonderfull album.


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Muchas gracias, recuerdo la época dónde lo escuché en directo en la sala zeleste de BCN, hace falta más obras como esta.

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