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Sol - "Sol De Chile" {Chile} [1974] (jazz-folclor andino-rock) (kindly submitted by Javier)

i couldnt find a good information on web to pass here, any more information welcome.

Sol - Sol de Chile (1974)

01 Aiquina
02 Abre la puerta amigo
03 Escucha gringo
04 Himno para un canto amigo
05 Solo por una imagen
06 Me muero por ti paloma
07 Hay cielos para tu libertad
08 Hay un corazon que esta
09 Poderoso
10 Eclipse

Antonio Smith - canto, guitarra
Matias Pizarro - piano, percusion
Enrique Luna - bajo
Miguel Angel Taborda - bateria, percusion
Fredy Anrique - flauta, percusion
Alejandro Rivera - charango, quena

Tonodisc / Ton - 1074 - 1974


Our thanks goes to Javier :)


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The group Sun de Chile formed in Argentina after the military coup. Smith was led by Antonio (ex- Congregation), Matías Pizarro (ex- the Costanera) plus other Chilean jazzistas. He fused the rock, the jazz and the Andean folklore interpreting own subjects with yielded subjects of Illapu and the Jaivas. Certainly an extraordinary published registry year 1974 in format LP by the Tonodisc seal. The formation was: Antonio Smith (song, guitar), Matias Pizarro (piano, percussion), Enrique Moon (under), Miguel Taborda Angel (bateria, percussion), Fredy Anrique (flauta, percussion), Alexander Creek (charango, quena).

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