Thursday, August 02, 2007

Costa Blanca - Viaje a Prantia {Spain}[1977](Jazz/Rock Fusion

After some time without posting, i wanted to come with something special, and here i come, this is a rarity from Alicante, Spain, i couldn´t find too much information about them, i just remember that once i read that they were once called “The Spanish Weather Report” so you better listen, so here is, some jazz/rock fusion album, very hard to find since was never edited on cd and from the original LP were only a few copies, the guy who gave me this a couple years ago told me not to share it ..but wtf! it is

Sorry i couldn´t find a decent cover ...

Pedro Barceló - Drums
Antonio "Chiki" Navarret - Bass
Naopelón "Napi" Carratalá - Guitar
Alain Fabrizio - Saxo
Pepe Dougan - Keyboard (live)

1. Viaje a Prantia

2. El varón de Fimestrad
3. El caminito que no mola
4. Tijal
5. Cuando el coco se vista de gris


Hombre Esquizoide del Siglo XXI said...



Anonymous said...

hello! thx this is good !!
Sithlord from Hungary

stg said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!
Track 3 seems from BrandX, same style..

I have searched for years for
Musica Urbana - Tatuaje.

Maybe some spanish fan have it.

c'krit said...

WTF indeed :D Thanks!

Yann said...

Good ! This Spanish band is a nice surprice !
PNF is THE final blog to hear rare gems (-:

Alex S said...

sounds interesting, thanks for sharing!

Dr. Bell Otus said...

Well, here are two pics of my own vinyl (members signature inside gatefold) :


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