Friday, August 17, 2007

Pan - "Pan" {Denmark} [1970] (Heavy Rock, Progressive Rock)

Its a little bit fun how the nordic countries did music. Finland were the home of progressive like Kalevala Elonkurjo and Tasavalan Presidenti. Norway had a lot of rock bands and folk music Junipher Green and Folque are good examples for that and Sweden were a mix of all those countrys and a lot of politics involved in the music. But then we have Denmark the home for heavy blues and rock it sounds more like it would be from the US/UK or something take bands like Terje Jesper & Joachim or Tömrerclaus, Moses etc. How ever this band are really good, great guitar work splended vocals. Its really hard to say what it sounds like but I think that all of you would get your own opinion about that. Well the band was formed by the frenchman Robert Leilevre who was travelling around Europe to escape military service and settled down in Denmark. They only recorded one album but it also exists a DR session that also rocks. The group split becuse of Roberts trouble with his demons that made him hard to work with. He later commited suicide in 1973.
This is the release with just 2 bonus songs I hope you all will be satesfied.

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Best wishes from Sweden


Unknown said...

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George Ferreira said...

Very sorry to ask you this, but can you reupload Donovan's "Celtia"?
You blog is really great, huge thanks for this huge amount of pearls!


P.S.: Sorry for my terrible english.

gyugi said...

many thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great posts that you can put in your blog. By the way, i would like wish two bands that i search a long time and don't found, Atlantic Ocean by Bjorn Json Lindh and Terje Jesper & Joachim. If you have theses bands i know that many people will be apreciate these posts.
Carlos Zalazar

Anonymous said...

amazing band! never heard about them, but i love there music.

Big Thanks

RocketPasttheMoon said...

I'm new to this site, but I came across it because I really want this album, and can't find it anywhere. How do I download it? I pasted the link.. but do you have to sign up for something separate to download it?

isabelbc said...

hi RocketPasttheMoon,

try here


hej said...

doesnt work ((((((((((

isabelbc said...

try here

Anonymous said...

Do anyone remember a norwegian symphonic rock band, maybe called something with Purple. They make an LP in the beginning of the seventies.
I have been the owner of it once, but forgotten there name and the name of the LP - and I miss it.
I think, the cover were purple or bluish - with a fantastic painting on it.

If you do - please write there name and some more - to my mailbox

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Have found it myself, by indirectly help from Isabelbc, and her links. Thank you!
It´s about Popol Ace - thought, that it was spelled Purple.

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