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Noetra - "Neuf Songes" {France} [1992] (prog/neoclassic)

"Noetra successfully straddled the interface between rock, classical chamber music, and jazz without creating background music or falling prey to avant garde excess... Neuf Songes is a fabulous, very intricate and occasionally dark piece of music with some Canterburyish feeling to it. The pieces are mellow and rolling as well as intense and energetic, the writing is excellent, and there is over 70 minutes of great music. The instrumentation is based around a beautiful clean electric guitar, delicate and tasteful drumming, bass, violin, and oboe/flute with a bunch of other strings and woodwinds helping out. At some points it veers towards a 20th century classical style, where the drums drop out and there is some great woodwind and string polyphony, but for the most part the drumming and bass keep the music moving along at quite a palatable clip for most prog listeners.

Recorded in between November 1979 and August 1981 by a line-up featuring: Jean Lapouge (composer) - guitar, Christian Paboeuf - flute and oboe, Daniel Renault - drums, Denis Lefranc - bass, Pierre Aubert - violin, Pascal Leberre - clarinet and soprano sax, Francis Michaud - tenor sax and flute, Denis Vollet - cello, Claude Lapouge - trombone, Jacques Nobili - trombone, and Laurent Tardif - alto flute". --Based on the uncredited info from GEPR

Track list:

1. Neuf Songes 9:36
2. Le Voyageur Egare Se Noie Incognito 3:19
3. Soir Et Basalte 4:48
4. Errance 5:53
5. Resurgence D'Errance 2:52
6. Agrements Parfaitement Bleus (II) 6:21
7. Agrements Parfaitement Bleus 1:07
8. A Pretendre S'En Detacher 1:45
9. Noetra 6:12
10. Sens De L'Apres MIDI 4:05
11. Galopera 6:41
12. Printemps Noir 6:58
13. Periodes I II III IV V VI 9:20

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