Monday, August 13, 2007

Nairu Med Hovet Rasar "Ljudbild" {Sweden} [????] (Acid Folk, Psychadelic)

Sometimes you find groups you have never heard of and you don't know a shit about them. But one thing you knows for sure that is that the music rocks! This sounds like Nick Dracke with fragile guitar and fragile vocals. Or the swedish musician John Holm and sometimes like the dutch folk singer Jan Duindam. For all of you that knows your Ingmar Bergman knows that the song Själsmasturbutören is from the movie Fanny and Alexander. I hope you like it and I think that it exists some more albums with this group write in comments if you want more!

Best wishes from Sweden
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Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks! its good. never heard of this band before.

Anonymous said...

More of these, if you have, please!
Greetings from Paris

proghog said...

Nice one.... thanks for the post !!

Anonymous said...

A very nice record, indeed, half abstract, half nostalgic. Perfect for this summer's end!
Thank you! Tak!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. More of this pleace!

Jenny said...

Anonymous said...

the music is great. I think that Nairu plays with a band called "hovet rasar".

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