Friday, August 17, 2007

Nazca - "Estacion De Sombra" {Mexico} [1986] (neoclassical/avant)

The second (and the last) studio album by the Mexican experimental outfit, now more in the vein of Univers Zero. Kindly shared by our friend Francisco Ayes.

"Here, string instruments play much more of a significant role than on the band's debut album and there are a lot of simultaneous (yet always different among themselves) passages and interplay between violin, viola, and cello on this album... The seemingly endless tonal and atonal interplay between all of the band members, changes of tempo, mood, and musical directions (dimensions!) in general, the constant development of the arrangements: all of it goes throughout "Estation de sombra", as well as it was on the debut Nazca album - Vitaly Menshikov".


1. Estacion de sombra 5:34
2. Traoedia 4:26
3. Espacios en torno 2:15
4. La morgue 4:31
5. Mangle 4:12
6. Deshueso 4:41
7. En la cuerda floja 3:30
8. Ipecacuana 3:30
9. Nadja 3:56

The link is to be found in the comments.


Serhiy said...

The link:

Brownie said...

thanx a lot or this album

Alex B said...

Very amazing and misterious avant music. A real "neoclassical" album, with the typical macabre atmosphere of RIO groups ( Nazca is one of them?). It could be soundtrack of a horror film!
Tanxs for this sharing and as always, success to the blog.

José Manuel Recillas said...

Yes, Nazca was the first, and probably the only one Latinoamerica group in the way of RIO bands. As a matter of fact, Recommended Records, whose made most of the RIO albums from Henry Cow, Univers Zero and many others, made in early 80s a recopilatory album which contains one or two pieces from this group. I remember I've seen them in concert in some Festival Cervantino, at Guanajuato, and probably their last concert, in late 80s at Teatro de la Danza, in Mexico city, and was absolute amazing. I know his violin player, who in this days he change for a cello, and made an album with mexican flutist Horacio Franco with barocque music and danzones and music form The Beatles, a real piece of shit.

Anyway, thanks for post this awesome album.

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