Monday, July 30, 2007

Bobak Jons Malone "Motherlight" {UK}[1970](Psychedelic)

Funny how some bands head straight to the limelight yet others fade into obscurity.

This CD reissue of a real nice slice of psychedelia will perhaps reduce the triple figures reported as being the amount that the original was selling for.

It's just the sound I love with raw fuzzed up guitar and swirling keyboards. The cover notes shave an excerpt from The Tapestry Of Delights which says "An album full of spooky psychedelia with progressive leanings "Motherlight" was the brainchild of (top pop-psych act) The Orange Bicycle's Wilson Malone. These days arranger to Massive Attack and The Verve etc.

I love the comical approach to the song "Burning The Weed". Only problem is the whole thing ends! Would it lasted a little longer (running time just above 30 minutes). Similar vocal sounds to Syd Barrett on the final song The Lens.

Mike Bobak
Andy Jons
Wilson Malone.

1 - Motherlight 3'28"
2 - On A Meadow Lea 4'38"
3 - Mona Lose 3'00"
4 - Wanna Make A Star Sam 2'09"
5 - House Of Many Windows 3'39"
6 - Chant 4'09"
7 - Burning The Weed 3'24"
8 - The Lens 6'48"
@320 with Hi Res scans.


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ZaXXoN said...

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totally amazing

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Marvelous album!!!

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