Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - " Ame Debout" {France} [1972] (avant) (kindly submitted by Jeff as requested)

"As requested, another great (IMHO the best) album from Catherine Ribeiro
+ Alpes (1971). This is the third album made in collaboration with Alpes
- a master piece. In a near future I will post Catherine Ribeiro chante
Alpes - her 2005 concert in Valenciennes - Be patient, I have directly
order the CD to her a few days ago.

Peace & Love, Enjoy!"


Thank you Jeff! :)


nahavanda said...

link: http://tinyurl.com/3yc9s3

Laruchis said...

Hi Jeff!

Thx a lot!
This is great!
I do appreciate.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff,

this is certainly a great addition ...

I've heard the album "PAIX" is their most prog one...any chance of posting it here?...

Stay Classy

Anonymous said...

I'm the second guy on the list who requested more uploads. Still, I already have most of Alpes' albums, so I'm going to share my research on her discography *with Alpes only* (her non-Alpes work is pure French chanson, not prog-chanson).
Please note that most of her Alpes works can be found on the "Libertés" Longbox (4-CD compilation): http://www.catherine-ribeiro.com/rib/viewtopicbou.php?id=121
I ordered it a few months ago from a famous online retailer, unfortunately they don't seem to have it in their catalog anymore.

* 1970 La Solitude. It's a double LP featuring the first two albums ("Catherine Ribeiro + 2Bis" and "Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes"). Out of 16 tracks, only 6 can be found on the Longbox.

* 1971 Ame Debout -- this album was posted here. The last two tracks are not working. I can re-upload them from the Longbox if you'd like. It has 5 of Ame Debout's tracks (including those last two), in CD quality (no vinyl scratches).

* 1972 Paix. Except for one instrumental that can be found on the p2p networks, all of these songs are on the Longbox as well.

* 1974 Le rat débile et l'homme des champs (posted here)

* 1975 Libertés (all tracks can be found on the Longbox + p2p)

* 1977 Le temps de l'autre (all tracks are on the Longbox, except for "Kel epik epok opak!" which I haven't been able to find so far.)

* 1979 Passions (5 tracks out of 9 can be found on the Longbox--as for the rest, can't find it on the p2p)

* 1980 La Déboussole (unusual but pretty good disco/prog mix, can easily be found on the p2p--most of the tracks are also on the Longbox)

After the 70's albums, only one album can be found on the Longbox, but it's not written with Alpes. (It does have a track written by Peter Gabriel though, which is pretty neat!)
She still made a few albums with Alpes later:

* 1986 Percuphonante (good luck on finding this one! I haven't been able to find a single track... I'm looking forward to listening the '86 version of Paix...)

* 1987 Tapages Nocturnes (same comment)

* 1994 Fenêtre Ardente (same...)

* 2006 Concert à Valenciennes (which is supposed to be posted here.)

Of course I can offer to upload whatever albums/tracks you don't have. I would really like to point out that if you can find it, the Longbox REALLY is a must-buy for any Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes fan. It's a bit expensive, but it does have 4 discs filled to the end with great music!
I would also recommend against posting a high-quality rip of the Valenciennes CD. I've been too lazy to actually move my ass to the post office and order the CD, and I fear having a HQ rip would make me even more reluctant to actually buying the album. (Then again, of course, I wouldn't be against having a HQ rip of the new tracks like La Pierre et Le Vent ;))

Anonymous said...

(I meant second comment, not second requester. I was actually first on this matter ;))

fuzztunnel said...

The last two tracks appear to be corrupt...?

john said...

It's always cool to see some Ribeiro, I only heard of her recently from the MutantSounds site, they have Paix and the first two if people want more. I for one would certainly be thrilled to hear any of the other Alpes albums, they have all been fantastic so far! Thanks also for the deatalied description of the boxset, it looks like something I should invest in.

Laruchis said...


Unfortunatelly, I have problems with the last two tracks (corrupted?).
No matter what, I want to thank you again for this great post.


milna said...

Longbox guy here. (Let's call me milna)

I've uploaded to RapidShare.com some of the albums that can't be easily found on the Internet.

The first file (51MB) contains:
- 1971 Ame Debout : I've only included the two last tracks (from the Longbox), the ones that were corrupted on your original upload.
- 1975 Libertés : Full album. Three of the tracks are taken from the Longbox. The other two (Prélude médiéval and Poème Non Epique n°III) were taken off the p2p.

The second file (85MB) contains:
- 1977 Le Temps De l'Autre: 4 tracks from the Longbox. The 5th track is missing. If you can find it somewhere else... Well, please share! :)
- 1979 Passions: 5 tracks out of 9 (all taken from the Longbox). The other tracks are mostly instrumentals, which is why they aren't featured on the Longbox (which is a Ribeiro compilation, not a Ribeiro+Alpes CD box).

Those are all of the Ribeiro + Alpes collaboration I can think of and that can't be easily found on the Internet (web + p2p).

If you're interested, you can post these files on ProgNotFrog. In any case, here are the links:


nahavanda said...

Friends thanks for you all interests, not more than 2-3 months ago, i met with the music of catherine ribeiro..i love her music a lot..i am happy to see that much interest for her music, and i am happy for this..here i put 2 missing tracks so you can download from here if you want to:

My thanks goes to Songing (the guy who make me meet with ribeiro's music),and Jeff

Fabio Brasil said...

I'm still trying to download the 2nd ALICE album and it's impossible...If somebody have this and can upload it for me I'll be very grateful.
Greetings and thanks from Brasil

Laruchis said...

Thx a lot for the 2 missing tracks.

And thx also to milna for the 2 links with lots of CR+A material.
I do appreciate.


milna said...

You're welcome ;)

Anonymous said...

well done all of you. really appreciate the sounds and the info!


Alex B said...

This is the only real "psychedelic folk" album that I´ve heard in a long time... Great, fantastic stuff! ( and it´s not for everyone, people who likes only "bucolic" and " relaxing" folk,stay far from Catherine Ribeiro

Elliot Knapp said...

Such a great album, so glad people are still talking about it. I just wrote about it too on my music blog. We need CD reissues!

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