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Saint Just - "La Casa Del Lago" {Italy} [1974] (Prog Folk)

SAINT JUST was a seventies Italian progressive group but not really reminiscent of the typical Italian sound. Influences from folk, psychedelic and classical can be heard in their music. The most remarkable instrument in their music is the vocals of Jane Sorrenti that float above the music. Her vocal delivery is definitely an acquired taste. The group released only two albums and the line-up is very different in these two albums. In the 1st album there were only three official members of which the saxophonist Robert Fix was not included in the 2nd album. For their 2nd album the remaining members Jane Sorrenti and Antonio Verde (classical guitar, bass) added electric guitarists Tito Rinesi and Andrea Faccenda as well as a drummer Fulvio Maras.
The first self-titled album, released in 1973, is more acoustic than the predecessor “La Casa del Lago”, released in 1974, which is more in the classic Italian tradition and therefore more easily accessible. Both albums are considered very good.

01. Tristana (6:41)
02. Nella Vita, Un Pianto (11:04)
03. Viaggio Nel Tempo (6:33)
04. La Casa del Lago (6:28)
05. Messicano (5:28)
06. La Terra della Verita (2:44)

- Jenny Sorrenti / vocals
- Antonio Verde / guitar, bass, vocals
- Robert Fix / sax (1973)
- Tito Rinesi / guitar, vocals (1974)
- Andrea Faccenda / guitar, keyboards (1974)
- Fulvio Maras / drums, percussion (1974)

- Alan Sorrenti
- Gianni Guarracino
- Tony Esposito

01. Tristana ...
04. La Casa del Lago ...

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