Sunday, March 18, 2007

The New Age - "Neptuned" {USA} [1980] (prog rock)

Jordan Oliver and the NEW AGE Band back in 1980 set out and recorded this album at Stone Mountain Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Original "The New Age" (Band Name)with "Neptuned" the album name (Neptuned is the title track and the only instrumental track). This album was set out ot be a concept rock album about the New Age itself, distorted by the adolecent views of Jordan and set to music by his most progressive local Atlantin Counterparts. read more here.


thanks to progdog :)


nahavanda said...


Pedro Lisboa said...

Fantastic album, indeed, fantastic site. The rare oportunity to meet some brilliant bands form all around the world.
keep doing this wonderfull job.


a music intusiast


Anonymous said...

I've heard about this band but never listened to it.
It's a surprise for me. Great album from 1980 ! I will keep listening bands from this period now (-:


KJ said...

Anyone want to buy original LPs?? Or newly mastered CDs?? Go to for purchase information directly from the composer, Jordan Oliver. Or email VERY few original LPs, but well worth it. This music is amazing - especially when you think a teenager pulled it together. Today - he's a prolific composer and pianist - always looking for opportunities to spread his music.

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