Thursday, March 29, 2007

Máquina! - "Why? Máquina!" {Spain} [1970] (Psycho Prog) (@320)

Máquina! is maybe the very first underground rock group to have recorded in Franco’s Spain, their first single dating back to early 69, and the following year, their first Lp was out with a striking artwork depicting a clock coming out from a croissant meaning that it was time to wake-up (and have breakfast) in Spain: The album was called Why? Máquina! and it was clearly so rebellious under a dictature that fellow group Tapiman (and Barcelona crosstown rivals/friends) answered them with a track Don’t Ask Why. The five-piece group developed a high-energy Hammond-driven psych/prog rock with two lead guitarists, with many extraordinary musical moments given the context of those years. It is not known if Guitarist Paris is related to Pan & Regaliz’s singer Guillem Paris.
Two years later, the group recorded with a different line-up (both guitarists having left) their next album live with a much different bluesier sound complete with a brass section (and almost all new material) reminiscent of Chicago Transit Authority.
I am at a loss to explain what became of these guys, since Máquina! disbanded, but their legacy remains, with a superb and stunning debut album and a quite pleasant follow-up.

01. I Believe (4:15)
02. Why? (11:51)
03. Why? (continuacio) (12:54)
04. Let Me Be Born (3:06)
05. Earth’s Daughter (2:55)
06. Look Away Our Hapiness (7:05)

- JM Paris / guitars
- Luis Cabanach / guitars, bass
- JM Vilaseca / drums
- Enrique Herrera / keyboards
- Jordi Batiste / vocals, flute, bass

01. I Believe ....
02. Why?.....

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isabelbc said...


José Andrés said...

Ab-so-lu-te-ly Awesome. Although i don't usually post i need to say that your blogspot is a great inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing this music that i couldn't find anywhere else. ;)

kosice said...

This has always been one of my favourite albums from Spain - no, from anywhere...I never get tired of it. Thank you for sharing it with the world! Everybody should grab it and then listen to it over and over.

Walter said...

El acento del cantante, les dire, si molesta un poco. Pero por lo menos canta con emocion inmensa. Y la musica? Super viril y progresiva. Gracias por subir esta increible obra musical.

Anonymous said...

Guitarist JM París and singer from Pan & Regaliz Guillem París are not related. Most of these guys are still playing music nowadays. Other member of the band that was on the second LP is the famous bass player Carles Benavent.

The accent is quite bad because their generation did not study English at school but French. So they were self taught and did their best composing and singing in this language. And taking this into account I think they did quite well with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, Maquina has not been a 5 piece band ever. In the middle of the recording of the LP, the singer left the band to do the compulsory military service and guitarist JM París joined as a replacement. Therefore, the previous guitarist moved to bass and vocals. The only song where you can find the 5 musicians is in "Why?".


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