Saturday, March 24, 2007

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - "Paix" {France} [1972] (avant)(kindly submitted by Jeff)

"Here is the translation of the first song;

I would like to love you one year, two years, ten years
To love you up to the point that I miss the energy to love you
That the happiness to love you disappears
And then I could love
Someone else than you
Something else than you
Love again without end
Love as I love you now
In spite of the frustration of your presence
In spite of the absence.
Unnecessary painful sorrow
Nevertheless, how necessary
Vital to our spirits of fools
What a mess that this so love poured to others than you
But perhaps ... what a superb resurrection of the life

I also have "La déboussole" and "Libertés" - Post a comment if interested"

Enjoy !

Our thanks goes to Jeff :)


nahavanda said...


Strip The Soul said...

This is definetly their greatest album, thanks for this one !...

Stay Classy

milna said...


I already posted "Libertés" (and other things as well!) in the previous Ribeiro post's comments...
Why don't you just mention it?

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nahavanda said...

Hello milna, "I also have "La déboussole" and "Libertés" - Post a comment if interested" this is what jeff writes, i only copy/pasted. more catherine ribeiro more listening pleasure :)

Good Days!

john said...

I would love to hear La deboloussole!

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