Thursday, March 15, 2007

Second Hand Rose - "Second Hand Rose" {China} [2004] (folk rock)

Rock scene is quite new in China, like most of the asian countries (except a few countries like Japan, Korea, and Mongolia with names Soyol Erdene, Bayan Mongol for 70s) rock never become mainstream style on asia. Traditional folk has its full power (as a folk lover i am happy with the situation :) ) Second hand rose (band) gives a good answer to that question: "what if traditional chinese folk meet with rock form?" if you ask that kind of wierd questions to yourself, one of the answer could be Second Hand Rose..i like to listen some songs in the album over and over while drinking my red cay (tea) :) and here is some copy/paste:

Second Hand Rose, which claims to be "the most seductive" folk rock band in China, has become one of the most popular among rock fans. The band is well-known for its bold combination of traditional Chinese instruments with solid rock and roll fundamentals. The influence of traditional Chinese folk music, especially Errenzhuan, a kind of comic theatrical duet popular in northeast China, can be clearly felt in the singing. read more here


thanks to alejandrito :)


nahavanda said...


*i am sorry for serving the album without song names, i couldnt find a way to convert/translate it to latin alphabets..if any friend have a knowledge for the song names, he/she can share in comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, interesting album!

Kalle A.

Anonymous said...


(Best Blog Ever!)

don't worry about the tracklist, we'll find our way ;)

Art Rock said...

Thanks! If you can scan in the Chinese symbold, my wife can convert them to hanyu pin (western alphabet equivalents) as well as translate them to English.

Art Rock said...

Actually, my wife has asked the band directly at my request - turns out they post on the same Chinese weblog. :)

nahavanda said...

thank you artrock :) nice & easy days!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting sounds

Thanks for this great upload

Anonymous said...

track list is...
01. 伎俩
02. 火车快开
03. 允许部分艺术家先富起来
04. 征婚启示
05. 招安
06. 采花
07. 因为所以
08. 嫂子颂
09. 公益歌曲
10. 好花红

Morbus said...

It seems that the link is dead already :(

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

Noo please, the link is dead :(

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