Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oisin - "Oisin & Over the Moor to Maggie" {Ireland} ['76/'80] (irish folk)

Well i couldnt find a good review, Somewhere it says: "Cosmic “traditional” Irish folk music - just beautiful! An original 1980 LP release from perhaps the top CELTIC group from the era. Includes the stunningly beautiful The Bonny Light Horseman, Over the Moor to Maggie, The Connaghtmans Rambles, The Flogging Reel and more" One of my favorite from irish folk music scene.

Lady LeRoy..
Over the moor to maggie..


nahavanda said...


'76 Oisin

'80 Over the moor to maggie

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, great irish folk !

More irish folk will be welcome.


Alex B said...

Great irish folk. Its most important and interesting quality is to be more raw and autentic than "new age" (forgive the word) and modern forms of irish music, like late Clannnad. But "cosmic"? Hummm.. Well, it´s an obligation, if you like autentic folk, listen to it. Thanks and congratulations for f* great blog.

Northwoods Baby said...

What I need to know is where I can get these albums again. I listened them into the ground in the late '80s and miss them terribly. How did you get them onto your site? I assume you have copies. Help!

Anonymous said...

I would lay waste to entire civilizations for copies of these impossible to find gems...a repost would be appreciated beyond measure.

Edward Laauwen said...

I have this album on vinyl and was looking to see if I could find the songs on the Internet, but it seems they are rare. Oh well, I'll just have to find a way to make some decent digital versions of this myself then.

I will share them on youtube as soon as I have them (summer of 2014)

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