Wednesday, March 07, 2007

have a piece of cake for pnf :)

a piece of cake to;

algarnas, blplus, b-manco, beau heem,
blackwatchplaid, cabinboy, canapial, cassandra witch,
chapinfloyd, ealafree, el tiempo, endewi, faugn, firthy, flowerjewel,
guadalupe, foe, isabelbc, kadehim, le fou, lisa, lpelo,
micaus, mr wolf, mountainhigh, manelis, nahavanda, oiz, opa-loka, patas,
philty phucker, poor, pietjes, progeloquence, progressive_r,
rational gaze, roomx, quinnie, seebaer, shivering, sir winston, skaarse,
songing, supreme echo, the herbalist, zaxxon

..and a piece saved for you!!
our frog turned 1 years old :)


mike said...

happy birthday! you guys rock, here's hoping for another great year.

G-Man said...

Happy Birthday from me, too. If you guys weren't already here, it'd be high time you entered the scene! Thanks a million for being here for us and for sharing tons of great music. Although I'm not around every day, I sneak in every now and then and am always amazed what you bring to our conscience. You are fantastic and if I didn't give due thanks more often before, please forgive me.

Kuato said...

I hope you'll feed that frog next year. :)))

poor said...

(recepie please!)

Laruchis said...

You're blog is excellent.
Thx a lot for the music & the hard work.

isabelbc said...

Thank you!!!
Happy Birthday PFN!!
Congratulations to all of PFN!!!
Thank you to all for the comments and uploads!!


punk said...

Happy Birthday from a friend from Greece

Anonymous said...

happy birthday from greece

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
And thank you, guys :)


NewmRadio said...

Big Congrats to PNF! The cake is magnificent (with sauerkraut).

c'krit said...

A truly happy birthday to PNF and many thanks for bringing us such grand music. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy frog cake,
happy frog year and
all the best for another 10 years of wonderfull music!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Ukraine!
Thanks a lot for big work!
See ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for you all!
And thanks for all the great music posted here!


PS: I want my piece of cake! :)

Carlos Harrison said...

Happy birthday......but where's my old friend THE HERBALIST?????

Listen to the newer posts, I think (so sorry) this blog is fading like a flower.....take my peace of cake and bring me back good stuff!!!!

Carlos Harrison

Pedro said...

Happy happy happy Bday! And thxs for some many hours of good vibes and sounds!

proghog said...

Yes,Yes where's the Herbalist ...?? why was he not invited...? he's the man... I agree with Carlos... please get him back...
Happy Birthday too....!!

nahavanda said...

The herbalist right there, dont be lazy to click the link on him :)

buck said...

Happy Birthday Prog Not Frog !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Prognotfrog. You're making history in blog scene. Greetings from Brasil.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!and Happy Birthday!
Thank you for sharing us so many gem.

Todd Taiwan

aguacatetropical said...

Happy Birthday from Valencia

NAME: Lark Tongues said...

Best wishes to one of the most complete and excelent prog blogs in the net.
Visit my new prog blog and please if interesting to you, link in PNF:
And long life to your efforts.
Lark Tongues

Venti said...


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