Saturday, March 10, 2007

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - "Le Rat Débile et " {France} [1974] (avant) (kindly submitted by Jeff)

"Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes is an essential act in the French area during the 70's. Their first 6 albums are gems from this great musicians: mainly Catherine Ribeiro and her partner-composer Patrice Moullet. This some times xhat we could call "French avant-garde" but not at all "à la Magma": this is another stream.After 1975, Catherine starts a solo carrier and produces very very great solo work - for instance a cover of the great French singer Edith Piaf. Recently, CR & Alpes reformed and had a couple of concerts and I had the opportunity to see them in Valenciennes (France), a few kms from my town in Belgium. A tremendous show.

If interested by some other works, tell me in the comments.256 Rip + Biography + Covers. Enjoy!" -Jeff

thank you Jeff! :)


nahavanda said...


Anonymous said...

Please, post more albums by Alpes :)
I'm a recent but devoted fan of Ribeiro+Alpes. I purchased Ribeiro's 4-CD collection which includes a lot of tracks from her collaboration with Alpes, but not all of them. It would be really great to find more of their full albums. They're impossible to find on the P2P networks, and obviously they haven't been reissued on CD :(

Laruchis said...

Hi Jeff!

Thx a lot for this wonderfull post.
I do appreciate.
If you have the chance to post another of her titles It wpould be great.
Thx in advance.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this.
Great to hear more of their fantastic music.
Other lp's by them can be found in the archives here >>>>

Anonymous said...

(I'm the anonymous from above.)
Thanks for the tip, anonymous #2! ;)
It's great to finally be able to get their first two LPs :)

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