Saturday, March 24, 2007

Urubamba - "En Vivo" {Peru} [197X] (psych folk) (as requested)

"You've heard this wonderful instrumental South American group if you've heard "El Condor Pasa" by Simon & Garfunkel or "Duncan" by Paul Simon. Known as los Incas when Simon first encountered them in 1965 while appearing on the same bill in Paris, the renamed quartet produced an appealing debut. "Kacharpari" was recorded during Simon's Live Rhymin' tour in 1973. Using traditional Andean instruments that can sound otherworldly to North American ears, Urubamba covers a wide emotional range, following the eerie "Death in Santa Cruz" with the joyous "Good News Pan Pipes." The group is named for the river that winds at the foot of Machu Picchu, the final fortified city of the Incas. (Mark Allan, All Music Guide)"

Para Pelusa..

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well sorry, i couldnt find a coverart, also sound quality is not so good. Enjoy!


nahavanda said...


albertozaurus said...

Thanks nahavanda

Well, I didn't even thought that there might have been recording of Urubamba live performance.

And I'm punished for my uncertain request. Or maybe there's a mistake in wikipedia description that Urubamba's another album is "Un Pedazo del Infinito"? If no, do you have possibility to upload it?

Actually I couldn't find any other source that may confirm this - I'll be thankful for any information

nahavanda said...

alberto i have also no idea about "un pedazo del infinito" album...hmm i will ask to my other collector friends for this one.

if i can find this one, be sure i will share it surely here.

have a nice and easy day.

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