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Leo Kottke - Live At The Sydney Town Hall 1976 @320

In the Fela Kuti post I made a blunder, I posted the wrong link to part 2, it was this instead of the second part of Kuti. Firstly apologies to all and secondly, the correct links are now in comments.

To make amends, I decided it best to now post the Kottke in the correct place!

This is a concert recording and not released. It was recorded by ABC FM and broadcast uncompressed, as they do.

I helped promote this tour in my home town and can say that he is totally charismatic, a great story teller and dymanic performer.

Did I mention that he is also a great 12 string guitar player? He aslo possesses a deep resonant voice, which he once described as being like "geese farts on a muggy day"!

I am particularly fond of this show, Kottke at his best. Beware, he is fussy about keeping his guitar in tune, especially as he constantly changes his guitar tuning, so he does spend some time on that chore. The upside is that it gives him the opportunity to tell some of his stories, they are worth hearing on their own (in fact I have a collection of them!)

You will note that he performs a version of Paul Siebel's "Louise". This is a great version.

One point to note, when I ripped this, I did not note all the track titles, so if anyone goes to the trouble, please put the track listing in comments.

A great show.


Links in comments.


micaus said...

The links are:

micaus said...
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SCION said...

Actually ... they are still there.

The tracks:

Leo Kottke - Sydney Town Hall
Sydney, Australia - May 19, 1976 - CD-R1 - SB 4

Track List:

1. Intro
2. Medley
3. Vaseline Machine Gun
4. Pemela Brown
5. Mona Ray
6. Morning is the Long Way Home
7. Louise
8. Maroon
9. Power Failure
10. "Sargasso Sea"
11. Shadowland
12. Can't Quite Put it Into Words
13. Hayseed Suite
14. Tiny Island
15. "Self Defence"
16. Grim to the Brim
17. Last Steam Engine Train
18. Stealing
19. Easter
20. "Cottage Cheese"
21. Up Tempo
22. Scarlatti Rip Off

micaus said...

Thanks for the track listing, nice to know there are people interested out there. I love the "cottage cheese" story, sort have adopted that principle in life

micaus said...

New working links:

Anonymous said...

Are there new links? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

can't find this show anywhere else - any chance you'll re-post working links? thanks

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late - but I heard this played on a Lucky Oceans (?) hosted show long long ago and then emailed the abc twice to ask when they would repeat it, and they blessed me with no reply whatsoever..

It's a great concert and his stories are just so compelling and funny - links now seem empty, and I'd love to hear this again...

Anonymous said...

Ten years later now - I would really love to get this if someone could post it somewhere please and provide links. I had a recording of it I made off ABC-FM back in 1976 but it has long been lost. Thanks!

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