Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hydravion - Stratos Airlines (1979)

Hydravion - 1979 - Stratos Airlines

1. Pasadena Airport (4:04)
2. Telecom (5:12)
3. Singaraja (7:53)
4. Ligne Equateur (4:15)
5. Carolyn Sud (4:51)
6. Santander (5:11)
7. L’amour Charter (3:45)

- Philippe Besombes, Cooky Rhinocero & Christ Saint Roch / all instruments

Said to be similar to Jarre, albeit more exotic. Music by Philippe Besombes (Pole).

Review from Head Heritage

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Dr.Progenstein Ph.P said...

Any chance in uploading the debut LP? The two rips available at other blogs are of a very poor quality. One had horrible sonics (due to improper tone arm set up/alignment), and the other is a 32 minute file. It would be great if you could possibly upload Hydravion - Hydravion (1977).
Cheers, and thanks for the great tunes :)

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hi Dr. i hope this is good for you

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