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In The Labyrinth - "The Garden Of Mysteries" {Sweden} [1994] (Prog Folk)

In May 1994, In The Labyrinth privately released a cassette called Mysteriernas Trädgård (i.e. The garden of mysteries), which soon led on to the CD production of The Garden of Mysteries. This cassette, for which they held no higher marketing ambitions than to have it distributed among esoteric book (and music) stores around Sweden, had initially been intended as an experiment in combining shaman drums with a variety of ethnical styles. However, the project evolved into a more complex format picking up influences from all over the world and moulding together impressions which the band members had gathered along journeys to both near and far. By the spring of 1995, the first phase of ITL had dissolved due to disagreements over economic and social issues, wherefore Peter Lindahl was left all to himself working for completion of the CD. Although quite a lot of the music had already been featured on the cassette, he added a bunch of new instrumentals and a couple of vocal tracks. Peter found great use of his mellotron, which throughout the eighties had been standing around virtually untouched. Other odd instruments that had not seen the light of day for a long time were picked out of the wardrobe, instruments such as his viola da gamba, the Turkish saz and all sorts of woodwinds.
The exploration of the mysterious garden just led on and on until the summer of 1996, when after a lot of postponing on the record company’s side, the CD was finally released. This actually meant that APM was putting out an album by a constellation now decimated to what had almost become a one man band! The Garden of Mysteries was received from critical fanfare by an overwhelming response even though it was advertantly admitted that the concept of ITL did not exactly fit in with the “orthodox” definition of progressive rock. More info ...

IN THE LABYRINTH is an experimental musical project based in Stockholm, Sweden and is led by Peter LINDAHL. The main concern is to mix a wide array of styles to create a symbiosis quite unlike most music heard of today. You could define it as progressive rock with a strong ethnical element, almost like an early PINK FLOYD with both classical and oriental overtones.Three CDs and various compilation tracks have been released so far. The texture of these is mostly mysterious and melancholy, often broadened by rich arrangements that feature diverse instrumentation and sometimes vocals. There is an emphasis put on beauty but also on the haunting and the desolate. "Dryad" (2002) is the third album by this band, after "Garden Of Mysteries" & "Walking On Clouds". It took almost eight years to create this little masterpiece, and now, everyone can notice that the wait was truly worth it !

01. Gates of Andorak (3:51)
02. Karakoram Pass (3:10)
03. Escape From Canaan (4:10)
04. Hiram Abiff (3:40)
05. Kekova (The Sunken City) (3:03)
06. Ali Hasan (4:07)
07. Aslan (2:28)
08. Meditating Minotauros (4:34)
09. The Garden of Mysteries II (3:00)
10. Monsoon (2:54)
11. Andalucy (2:31)
12. Journey to Hel (4:49)
13. Moorish Waltz (2:31)
14. Trans Turkish Express (2:36)
15. Aral (5:49)
16. Moorish Waltz (2:31)
17. Desert Visions (2:08)
18. Ya Qader (3:00)
19. The Garden of Mysteries I (1:40)
20. La Dame Inconnue (2:00)
21. Almeria (4:50)
22. Palm-Cat (2:47)

- Peter Lindahl: Mellotron, Fender Stratocaster, saz, zither, acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, samplers and synthesizers, melodion, viola da gamba, flutes, woodwinds, oriental and western percussion (darbouka, daf, tambourine, etc), tamboura, sound effects, vocals, background harmonies and narration.
- Helena Selander: Background harmonies and vocal improvisation.
- Ulf Hansson: Darbouka & Egyptian tabla.
- Mikael Gejel: Flutes, acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizers and samplers, tamboura, percussion, background harmonies and jojk.
- Karin Langhard-Gejel: Djembe, flute and background harmonies.
- Stefan Ottman: Narration.
- Helena Jacobssen: Background harmonies nad vocal improvisation.

06. Ali Hasan ...
09. The garden of mysteries II ...
10. Monsoon ...

Link for download "In The Labyrinth - The Garden Of Mysteries" in comments ...


isabelbc said...


ribeirorock said...

excelente post

Yann said...

Well, Peter Lindahl is a friend of mine. You just anticipate my own post in PNF forum (-:
I meaned to post a compilation with Peter's accord to make known his music. ITL is a one-man project and very hard to sell at now. Peter prepares a 4th album, without any guarantee to get some CD distribution.
I'm not against sharing, i have myself posted about 50 albums on different blogs. But i know that Peter doesn't want people get "Dryad" and "Walking On Clouds" for free ("Garden of Mysteries" is sold out), it's just hard to be an artist selling less than 100 copies a year !
So big thanks for making him known and giving his Web address, but please don't post the other albums (except by private ways like mails). I wish not to see any action from Peter against blogs i like. I'm not used to give lessons and i have none to give, but in that case, it engages the future recordings of a friend.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! The lyrics are a little childish (that's not always a bad thing) but the music is first rate.

nahavanda said...

Hello Yann, thanks for the care, album is really great. This post not related to PNF Forum, maybe it is a nice coincidence..but not more than that. Weeks before Isabel sent me the discography, You sure is it your post with same files? hmm files spread speedly..

Yann said...

Hi Nahavanda
I didn't post ITL in the forum. It was just a project for the future with compiled tracks from the 3 albums and unreleased. Now it's useless... or maybe something i will do in the next months (-:

Edson/BR said...


Great oriental feeling!

If you not upload more "In the Labyrinth" here, can you send the link to me by email?

I will appreciate!


Anonymous said...

Do you Have "Dryad" & "Walking on Clouds" ?

Anonymous said...

can you please check the link !
I allways become Datei not found !!!

cheers Theo

isabelbc said...

Hi Theo,

is ok!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link !
But i can´t come in maybee
i make mistakes.

cheers Theo

ps: Your site is great

Yann said...

The link works perfectly. Copy it whole in the address bar. If you are in comments page and you just write the link don't forget to take off the "s" from "https".
Maybe it's the problem you have. If not, it's a real garden of mysteries.

Eric said...

to Anonymous asking for Dryad and Walking on Clouds: please read Yann's first comment ...
I downloaded the Garden of Mysteries and enjoyed it so much I immediately ordered the two other albums.
They're just 15€ / 20$ so please do as I did ...

Eric said...

That means it costs you 15€ / 20$ for BOTH albums ! including p&p !

isabelbc said...

Hi Yann

Thank you for your comment but I don't see the post of ITL as a damaging thing for the band or the sales of the album. I see clearly 3 objetives of PFN:

1 - pleasure
2 - to take back the good old music that was lost
3 - to spread the new good music

I think that the post of the album has these 3 objectives of PFN:

1 - this album is great
2 and 3 - this album has 13 years

Before I post this album, I made a research in the internet and I found very little information about the band. PFN is well-know and loved by everone around the world, so I don't think it can make the sales of the album even lower but instead, maybe the low sales are caused by the low divulgation.

I'm sure that this post will make the demand for other albums of the band higher and I also think that it will increase, as the people will want to have the original album.

The comment of Eric complements what I said.



ps: I'm sorry for my english.

Yann said...

Hi Isabel

Of course you did a great job by posting "The Garden of Mysteries". Like i said, this album is sold out and (quasi) impossible to find (because the first line-up had split, this album will never (?) be reissued, just a question of duties).
The sales can be better for the other albums, that's right.
I think Peter Lindahl is happy to see his music spread on the Web line. Be sure he appreciates that.
There is no misunderstanding.
He just told me : please don't spread "Walking on Clouds" and "Dryad". He knows i'm a blogger. My intention was only to prevent all users that posting these 2 albums would represent a risk for his next project (he has no label today).
Be sure that Peter thanks you for your effort to present his work.

I totally agree the PNF feelings which bring the best of unknown bands.
And your English is perfect (-:


Georgi The Bulgarian said...

Thank you very much! Great band! Sometimes it sounds so ethereal...

Anonymous said...

obrigado. obrigado e obrigado.
Seu blog é demais.

desculpa não escrever em ingles.


I don't speak(write) inglish.

I'm brazilian

This blog is terrible(very good) demais thanks

Anonymous said...

This is Peter Lindahl moving in to have some heads chopped off! No don´t let me frighten you my dear blogsters! The garden of mysteries cannot be reissued anyway (for various reasons which are too stupid to even mention in this forum) so why not get it out so that everyone can share it!
All I demand is that tracks like "Sagarmatha" and "Return to Andorra" (if anyone recognizes these) are to be left alone as they are now part of two new ITL albums, or in fact one reissue of Walking on clouds (distributed by Peacework and soon also iTunes) and one of two forthcoming ITL album releases called Samas antaral.

The idea of advertising music on the web is a good idea as long as the add doesn´t rule out the product itself. Or else folks like me will sooner or later run out of steam and hesitate when it comes to bringing out new music to the public and maybe some of you will realize that in the long run this could affect what´s out there for you to harvest!

Ok, that was all for now!
Especially to Yann I would like to thank you for being so supportive and helpful over the years!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Great White North,

My first contact with ITL was through the progarchives site where a sample track is available (Escape from Canaan). It's indeed a great work and it's unfortunate it will never be reissued, otherewise I would certainly buy it.

Anonymous said...

Great and pleasure. Many thanks! (again and always).

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