Monday, October 30, 2006

Anacrusa - "El Sacrificio" {Argentina} [1978] (symp. prog/fusion)

hola a todos :) umm here is the copy/paste: Born in the beginning of the 70’s, this Latin fusion folk formation has delivered impressively original items in a rather discreet commercial success. The albums feature enchanting, warm female vocals, some prog arrangements and acoustic, classical training guitar style. Their first, published in 1973 and “III” represent fine examples of achieved, mythic, dancing and mysterious compositions in popular, South America music. In the absolute songs’ structure is very closed to Peruvian, Bolivian, Argentinean ballads, boleros, milongas…Very refined and surely the best Latin folk vibe.(review taken from progarchives) one of my fav.

LiNks in commenTs & kEep Listening!!

TeMa de Anacrusa..


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stefbra_poland said...

Great album. Thank you!

Iván Villavicencio said...

Fantastico disco... muchas gracias...!!!

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