Saturday, October 14, 2006

ProgNotFrog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon #017 With The Herbalist (Another Mix of Celestial Music, Mixed with the spoken thoughts of a madman)

This week we avoided working around any particular musical subject on purpose. We'll do this from time to time because it is important to free-associate music from different places and different moments, so our Ariadne's Thread this week will be just intuition and mood.

Anyway, I have chosen a bunch of great songs that I think that the public of this show (yes, that's you) deserve to listen to.

Starting with the expriment done by Jocelyn Pook for the most disturbing scene of the movie "Eyes Wide Open" to the inner world of Patrick Wolf, an incredibly interesting young singer author from Great Britain.

We'll also listen to the cinematic musical puzzles of Mr. Stan Ridgeway, followed by the exquisite voice of Anja Garbarek and the spacey and trippy sounds of Spiritualized, among several other surprises.

There's o0ne thing, though, that I will ask of you. I'd like to get some more comments and suggestions. I see that dozens of people download the show every week but I barely get any comment, or critic. After al,l I do this show for all of you and some feedback would be great. I'd really like to know how many followers this show has and I am eager to listen to suggestions to make more people get hooked to The Voice of The Moon.

Meanwhile, enjoy and as usual,

Keep Listening...!!!


Anonymous said...

Grobschinitt - Jumbo


Anonymous said...

Hi Herbalist

You asked for comments, but you know, when things are shocking, the good or the bad way, no comments are needed.
And so is this. Keep going... The voice of the moon is heared trough all the universes for the joy of your listners.
Thank you for the music
Sérgio R.

Anonymous said...

The Herbalist's series The Voice Of The Moon is great stuff and an awesome contribution to listeners (like me) who appreciate this fine craft of music.

Unfortunately, many of the earlier volumes are no longer available due to inactivity at the downloading hosts, and the only working download links for volumes between 16-21 (with the exception of 17 which is also a dead link).

I'm just now getting familiar with this generous and informative blog site, and wish I was aware of the Herbalist series when they were first released. I surely would had jumped on them right away and be listening to them right now.

I realize that this may be a tall order, but is there any chance of the Herbalist or someone else resurrect these dead download links, and perhaps, keep them active for future visiters like me to enjoy?

Many thanks for the great site and your hard work!


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