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Picchio Dal Pozzo(Canterbury Scene)

PICCHIO DAL POZZO are considered to be one of the very few "Canterbury" inspired bands that emerged from Italy's fertile 1970's progressive rock musical scene. The sextet known as "Picchio dal Pozzo" surges forth via romantically melodic overtones, swiftly implemented time signatures and jazzy interplay in concert with the proverbial peaks, valleys, knotty twists and circuitous turns. "Camere Zimmer Rooms" is a must for all those enamoured of both Italian prog as well as the Canterbury music scene. Essential for their fans, as well as fans of groups like CARAVAN, HATFIELD & The NORTH, HENRY COW, SOFT MACHINE & FRANK ZAPPA.

''Picchio Dal Pozzo''[1976]@320
Picchio dal Pozzo carries on in a tradition paying (rocking) homage to Zappa and the Canterbury scene with an extremely soporific quality that almost makes it seem as if it comes to you from underwater in slow motion. It's a super-swank moving album replete with blurbs and tidbits that bubble to the surface calmly and then release into an ether above the brow, a heady adventure

Soft machinations of a fluid nature begin the capitulation in the middle, howling with dreamy massed vocals beckoning your wispy attentiveness. Robert Wyatt-style gentleness comes in to further capitulate the daze. Open up a general field and lie in it. The passing shapelessness of the clouds may take you on over this way. Before I can get enough and decide to park, it's over and I hardly blinked. Did it really happen!?

''Camere Zimmer Rooms''[1977~1980 recordings]@224
Album released in 2001 "Camere Zimmer Rooms". It is a demonstration sound source made from 1977 to 1978. Only the fourth tune is recorded in 1980. The member is almost the same as the second work. A straight performance is comparatively done in this work. It is an Electric jazz with power. A melodious performance with a lot of repetitions is the main. It is different in the Canterbury sound and it is unique. Excellent article that makes effect sound of good and "La Citta" that exchanges scat lucid and is delightful. It is unquestionable for tone quality. All tunes are unpublished tunes.

Picchio Dal Pozzo - Seppia:


EelaFree said...

Camere Zimmer Rooms

EelaFree said...

Picchio Dal Pozzo

Anonymous said...

The link to "Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi" is missing! Or maybe you did not have the intention to post this album.

Anonymous said...

their eponymous is one of my favs of Italian canterburian..gorgeous.
Peo, Italy

Anonymous said...

I really love this band.
On the Rer site, Chris Cutler said that had the Rock in Opposition movement lasted another year, Picchio dal Pozzo would have joined... That would have made for some very interesting concerts alongside Samla!

THere's also a reunion album from 2004 called pic_nic@valdapozzo at
worth a listen

Elliot Knapp said...

Is it bad that I probably love this Italian Canterbury album more than half of the actual Canterbury albums?! Just wrote about their debut too on my music blog.

Anonymous said...

all down

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