Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Moondog: H’art Songs {USA} [1979] @256 (Unique Composer and Singer-Author, This Album is a Must-Have)

Extraordinary composer Louis Hardin was born in Marysville, Kansas in 1916. Blinded in an accident when he 16, he dedicated his life to music, poetry and fantasy.
In the mid 50’s he appeared in New York City, selling poetry in the streets and dressed as a Viking or a druid magician.

All his life is surrounded by the aura of a happy musical enigma.

He admired and was admired by giants of Jazz like Charlie Parker, and later by Phillips Glass and many other composers immersed in minimalism.

For more about him and for those interested in getting the magnificent Moondog album from 1969 go here.

H’art Songs shows Moondog as a singer-author of sorts. He was not only an orchestra composer but also a man of lyrics and beautifully simple songs.

H’art Songs is a compilation of the dazzling dreams of an old, blind wizard.

I bet Homer would have loved Moondog’s music.

This album is highly recommended.

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Moondog - Enough about human rights ...


The Herbalist said...

To Moondog's H'art Songs -->


maateo said...

I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT, thank you so much!
That's a masterpiece!
:) :D :))

stu said...

i love this man, thanks for one i've not heard, dream on dreamer

El Swami Hermitus Solus said...

This is really a treat thank you !

I always enjoyed Moondog's Music minimal yet so effective
great music !!



Anonymous said...

Hi it seems that was deleted!
Can you re-post, please!
Moondog is a rare jewel!

Anonymous said...

Could you please upload this Moondog album? I would love to hear it in its entirity. Could you upload it please?


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Anonymous said...

Would love to see a new link for Moondog, one taste is not enough.

isabelbc said...

http://www.munju.net/search?q=moondog :o)

danny said...

wow nice isabelbc

Ludwig AEO said...

Could you please, upload this Moondog album again? Thanks!

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