Thursday, October 05, 2006

MIA - ''Cornonstipicum'' {Argentina} [1978] @256 (Symphonic prog.)

Independent Musicians Associated (MIA) was a group of musicians, technicians and drawers gathered together by Lito and Liliana Vitale's parents. They produced their own records and concerts in an independent way. Their music is a complex symphonic rock with definite Argentinean/latin folk influence with multiple corals and vocals beautifully contrasting with the keyboards and a great guitar sound upon a strong rhythmic section.

The increase of the musical energy functions as a crucial factor for this album’s impressive caliber, although it retains much of the bucolic flavour that had clearly appeared two albums; it’s just that this album’s repertoire goes to far more places. Meanwhile, Lito Vitale’s role on keyboard becomes more prominent in the mix, and that means that the multicolored sonic sources that the band so majestically combines in their prog style are given an extra intensity thanks to the augmentation of the orchestral feel in many passages of “Cornonstipicum”. The symphonic stuff sounds more grandiose than ever, the jazzy sections sound more exuberant than ever, and the weird stuff receives an air of magical flamboyance – this is a very powerful album, indeed, one of those gems from faraway countries that could make the day for sensible prog collectors. (reviewed by Cesar Inca)

MIA were a unique musical ensemble with a definite progressive ethic.

MIA - Cornonstipicum:

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EelaFree said...

MIA - Cornonstipicum

Eduardo Martins said...

Masterprice of progressive rock from Argentine;
Absolutely great;
Congratulations from Brasil.
Eduardo Martins

yann said...

There first one "Transparencias" is nice too.
A real effort of symphonic touch.

BunkBreaker said...

Two is coincidence, Three is a confirmation.
Another great album.
Thanks a lot.

Art Rock said...

Thanks for posting this one!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting album, and quite good too. More stuff like this should be posted on this blog. Very good choice man!

Anonymous said...


The link is dead. Please re-upload!

Thank you a lot.

Anonymous said...

the best album of prog rock in argentina, for me, was the first of TANTOR

Mathias said...

I have interpreté LP with them from 1982, but cannot find any info about it what so ever. If anybody can help please get in contact!

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