Friday, October 13, 2006

Sloche - ''J'un Oeil'' {Canada} [1975] @320 (Jazz Rock/Fusion)

This stunning group from mid-Northern Quebec is yet another one of relatively unknown groups that help Quebec’s progressive rock revolution in the 70’s. Mainly an instrumental jazz-rock group, but when actually using their vocal powers (both in scatting and in actual singing) , they actually reached peaks of beauty that makes you regret this quintet did not sing more.Their music tends to be a bit more bombastic that their aforementioned fellows, while keeping a similar fusion-oriented vein as Maneige; meanwhile, the dual keyboard layers provide a symphonic feel every now and then. The fusion facet is clearly influenced by Return to Forever and Weather Report, albeit less pompous than the former and a more uplifting than the latter. I observe some Kerry Minnear and George Duke influences on both keyboardists, but generally speaking, it must be stated that Sloche never gets derivative. The optimistic spirit that is generally spread all throughout “J’un Oeil” allows the complex compositions receive a certain air of catchiness, and also gives a frontal freshness to the musicians’ intricate interplaying - structural sophistication and warmth, all at once. These guys were incredibly tight-playing and were obviously well collaborating with each other as the songwriting is fairly well-shared (a track each except for drummer Chiasson giving space to bassist Hebert a second track) and the sound is still quite up to date some 30 years later.

As equally superb (but vastly different at will also) as Maneige, Conventum or Opus-5, Sloche is one of those groups that must be investigate by every proghead, dead ort alive. Astounding and outstanding.

Sloche - C'Pas Fin De Monde:
Sloche - Algebrique:

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EelaFree said...

Sloche - J'un Oeil

Anonymous said...

This is one great record - every Prog lover should grab this. The 2nd one Stadacone is great as well.
It's great that you are sharing this - thanks.


Anonymous said...

i'm downloading this right now, and i trust this one is also a masterpiece as most of your uploads, thank very much for your generousity - als the best - bdg. indonesia

ps: "guruh gypsy" was a real surprise.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant music, brilliant post confirming The Herbalist's good taste in music : thanx!
(and Sloche lyrics ain't that stupid!)


Anonymous said...

Both Sloches are about to be released on CD, so stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

Opus 5? do you have this in stock? read lots of good things about them but never could hear a single note.

Anonymous said...

The great stuff.

savoadaki said...

Thanks so much for this one from Sloche, I've been hoping to hear their work.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic album!

Any chance of getting their other one, Stadacone ?

Anonymous said...

Shoot: another great one with a bum link. Reupload if possible; just discovered this site and I'm trying to get as much as I can!

Captain said...

Man, I was so hoping to hear this.. Hope it does get reuploaded..

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