Friday, October 27, 2006

Zamla Mammaz Manna - ''Familjesprickor''{1980}[Sweden](RIO)

The band themselves claim that the music in this album is not “as optimistic and happy as it used to be”, but the listener should not expect mournful and/or languid music. Everything remains as colourful and exciting as always, only more tense more aggressive and more charged – that’s where the inner tension comes from, mainly. There is also a decreased number of folly chanting, and that may be another hint of the lack of happiness in the album, a lessened desire to sing and hum. Regarding the repertoire itself, it’s perfectly even in its richness and sense of surprise, all the time demanding a lucid awareness from the listener. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the opening track displays an impressive mixture of polka and jazz rock, with some Frippian guitar and Zappaesque extravagant chord progressions in the keyboard parts.)

Zamla Mammaz Manna - Five Single Combat:


EelaFree said...

Family Cracks

Cyrola said...

A perfect album!

Noisenik said...

couldn't agree more. it was one of my entries into fantastic world of RIO several years ago. amazing stuff.

cheers! N

Anonymous said...

Lars Hollmer is one of the most inventive musicians in the whole RIO realms! And probably the most important thing is his bands play a JOYFULL and happy music!


Anonymous said...

geeek !!! this album is amazing, and certainly one of the best in his genre.

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