Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feo - "Eg Meini Teo" {Denmark} [1971] (accoustic psych folk rock)

Sometimes we all need to slowdown a bit and find the peace know i call this kind of albums "candy,sweet,a box of chocolate..." not only a few tracks but also most of the tracks very sweet in this album..i couldnt find a good information on the net.i wish you enjoy it..happy listenings!

linKs in commentS..



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Anonymous said...

This is nice, weird and naive music. As if you were taught folk progressif when you're 8 years old at school and studiously practice your flute home work...

Thank you for sharing it with us!


suede said...

hi, could you pleaseee re-upload this danish folk album?
the link is dead for a long time...:(
thanks for all these wonderful music.

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Anonymous said...

Bonus info..all members of FEO was blind or almost blind.

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