Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shakti: “Natural Elements” {UK-India} [1977] @256 (Superb & Virtuoso Indian Fusion)

After John Mc Laughlin decided to end Mahavishnu Orchestra he spent sometime in India recruiting the band he had been dreaming of during a long time. An ensemble capable of blending the traditions of India’s classical music and folklore with the World of contemporary western music (jazz and some rock elements).

What he found was even beyond his wildest dreams, because Shakti is one of the greatest bands ever assembled. At least it is so in terms of the abilities of its members, each one of them a master in his instrument.

Mr. Mc Laughlin played a modified guitar with resonant strings that made this happy contraption a hybrid between western guitar and eastern sitar.

Zakir Hussain was in charge of tablas, bongos and other hand percussion instruments.

L. Shankar played the violin, in a way that was at the same time beautiful and mind blowing.

T.H Vinakayara played ghatam (Clay Pot), juice harp, assorted percussion. He also helped with Indian vocal acrobatics.

Although Shakti was a short lived band (the members has later a brilliant solo career and they are still pretty active) it was highly praised by musicians and very well received by the fusion and even the rock audiences (at least the progressive rock audiences, used to experiments and all kind of musical blends)..

They reunited again in the 00’s for a series of events called “Remember Shakti” , editing an album and a DVD.

Be prepared for a deep musical experience, With Shakti you will hear a guitar doing you things you haven’t even imagined. Crazy rhythms, ritual chanting interwoven with jazz scales… and more.

Welcome to another musical universe. This is the music that the gods of India dance to.

Keep listening…!!!

Shakti - Peace of Mind ...


The Herbalist said...

This way to Shakti's Natural Elements -->


BunkBreaker said...

Remarkable blog.
I used to listen this record many years ago and I appreciate this post.
Greetings from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I was never big on eastern-influenced music, but I have loved this album since it was first issued. It is a masterpiece and well worth listening to, even if other Shakti albums are not to your liking. The only drawback here is the brevity of the album. Too short, even by '70s standards.

Kosminen Tee said...

Thank you! I really enjoy this one.

ceno said...

Great album!

BlackwatchPlaid said...

Hey, thanks alot for the Shakti & McLaughlin! Just wanted to drop a line mentioning the bitrate turns out to be VBR 201-238 instead of 256. Keep up the good work!

Taylan said...

the link seems dead.. could you re-upload?

Anonymous said...

Ditto regarding link

Anonymous said...

another link:

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