Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Collegium Musicum - "Konvergencie" {Czechoslovakia} [1970] @224 (excellent prog/art rock)

I havent got a top 10 list..but if i had one,this band surely be in this list..sorry busy with phd yourselves for the review.keep listening.

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sUtA pO tiSic. ..


nahavanda said...

Click here to download -Part 1-

Click here to download -Part 2-

newelectricmuse said...

I've got this CD! Apart from a couple of tracks on CD1 let down by poor vocals, an excellent double album of keyboard-led, classically influenced prog. Worth a listen if you like late-period Nice.

Anonymous said...

Can you post more Collegium Musicum or solist work of keybord Marian Varga?
Thaks again.
Excuse me my bad english.

poor said...

Can't believe to my ears :
amazing,fantastic,wondering, esential ! Like ELP in the best days ! Thanks a lot, a lot !
I'm going to search other Collegium Musicum albums now !

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous
If you like CM, visit:
and enjoy!

FLAVIOLA said...

any chance you could re-up this? fantanstic blog,BIG THANX!!

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