Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio & The Herbalist Go Back in Time By Kind Request of Our Extraordinary Listeners

I am re-posting The Voice of The Moon # 001 and # 006 by kind request of Carlos, from Brazil. (please see the comments below): Muito Obrigado amigo.

I also want to use this post to thank, on behalf of the ProgNotFrog Team, all the listeners of The Voice of The Moon, and the visitors of the site, specially those who have left here very nice and really encouraging comments.

Thanks indeed. We'll do our best to keep pleasing you all.

I also want to invite our visitors to go back in time and to check the archives. I am sure that you'll find many musical recommendations that will please your ears.

We hope you enjoy our job as much as we enjoy doing it.

Those of you who visit us often surely have read our annoucements regarding improvements and experiments that are being currently carried out on this site.

We're working to make ProgNotFrog a better place for the encounter of cultures, art expression and freedom of speech and thought. Recommend PNF to your friends. Feel free to quote us, copy us, link to us, etc, etc etc.

And... as usual...

Keep Listening...!!!


The Herbalist said...

#001 is here: -> http://tinyurl.com/l3a58


#006 is here:

Anonymous said...

Very nice words !

Keep on rolling !


Carlos Harrison said...

Hello, good people.....

I'd wish to thank Mr. Herbalist from the botton of my very heart....He's a good friend endeed...............he post my request in seconds flat......!!!

Good Vibrations and long life for you, my friend Herbalist!!!!

Carlos Harrison - SP - Brazil

Tri_7 said...

Hi there :)

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of my musical soul for all the good, very good, music i have lived to meet here. It is indeed a place on/in internet i cannot do without for some months now. Once again, may the rythm be with you!

kqwiet said...

Hey thank you soooo much :). Now I believe I have the complete collection thus far! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

These links are already dead :-( can you please fix this or putting these albums on another server ? THANK A LOT in advance. Your blog is really great and helps us a lot to listen unknown material.

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