Monday, October 30, 2006

Skolvan - "Entrez Dans La Danse" {France} [1991] (folk)

Founded in 1984, has been one of the mainspring of the Breton music’s revival. This period is essential because of the great work made by the musicians in order to safeguard the traditional music in Brittany, an heritage in peril then. Youenn LE BIHAN tried in this context the experiment of a group by invinting two teachers (violin and accordion) from the Conservatoire of traditional music of Ploemeur, such as the guitarist Gilles LE BIGOT. SKOLVAN was born with its first “Fest-Noz” (Gathering of dancers and musicians) on the 14th of April 1984. Youenn LE BIHAN created at the same time his famous “Piston”, inspired by the baroque oboe, that counts largely in the originality of the SKOLVAN “sound”.

In 1994, after three albums, SKOLVAN released "Swing & Tears" which was elected album of the year in France, in the United Kingdom and in Portugal.
Among the guests was Dominique MOLARD, a percussionist, who finally joined the group in 1996, developping thus the palette read more here

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