Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vortex - ''Les Cycles De Thanatos''[France]{1979}(RIO)

Les Cycles de Thanatos is a dark-sounding album integrating rock, jazz, and neo-classical elements. Probably the most dominant feature on the album is the dark brooding neo-classical rock, sounding not unlike Univers Zero or Art Zoyd. In addition, there are Zeuhl-ish jazz rock passages that remind me of Zao, Moving Gelatine Plates, instrumental Zappa, and Potemkine. An excellent album of typical French avant-garde/underground music. (Gnosis)

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Jean-Pierre Vivante, ex-VORTEX, now runs a very nice concert place, near Paris, LE TRITON; a place dedicated to RIO/prog/zeuhl and jazz music with a nice programm.


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