Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Paulos Sidiropoulos & Spyridoula - "Flou" {Greece} [1978] @192 (Rock)

Pavlos Sidiropoulos(1948 – 1990) began his career in 1970 in Thessaloniki where together with Pantelis Delliyannides he founded the rock group “Damon and Fidias”.It was through this group that Sidiropoulos first experimented with combining Greek and rock music. In 1976 Pavlos Sidiropoulos together with Spiropoulos brothers, he founded the music group “Spiridoula”, they created the album "Flou", considered by many the most important album in Greek rock music, with nice guitars, horns,listener can find elements from progressive ,psychedelic and jazz rock ,”Flou” came to a season that greek rock was in it’s worst period ,for this record Pavlos Sidiropoulos didn’t sign a contract but a “paper” that he must refuse the earnings from the sales of the record, Spyridoula sing a contract as players for 4 % . From 1978 and after “Flou” is a measure for the greek rock scene, unfortunately this record stands insuperable further for his creator, its not accidental that the radio stations after 28 years from the birth of “Flou” are playing still this record.

Pavlos Sidiropoulos – singer. percussion

Spiridoula :
Vassilis Spyropoulos – electric & acoustic guitar
Nikos Spyropoulos - electric & acoustic guitar, piano, synth ,flute
Tolis Mastrokalos – bass
Andreas Mouzakitis – drums

Guest Musicians : Tasos Fotodimos – drums, Andreas Gavogiannis - trombone, Makis Papatheodorou – tenor sax, Giannis Fanariotis – alto sax, clarinet, Dimitris Leontaridis – trumpet ,Nikos Politis – bass, slide guitar, Dimitris Politimos – piano, Dimitra Galani – female voice, Giorgos Maglaras – violin

To '69 Me Kapoio filo..
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manelis said...

this is the link for "flou"

nahavanda said...

welcome to the prognotfrog family manelis :) i am very happy to see you as a part of the blog..

oh btw..great album!

greek said...

The best Greek rock LP of all times. I bought it in 1979! Keep rockin!

Anonymous said...

The best Greek rock LP of all times!Keep on rockin my friends!

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the link is not working...anyway to repost this?? much thanks!!

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Another request for a reupload. Thanks!

manelis said...

I have upload the album again,enjoy it :)

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Thank you very much!

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