Sunday, October 01, 2006

Manduka - Manduka {Brazil} [1979] @320 (folk rock)

Hello friends! a few weeks ago i found an album of manduka (1972) this album (manduka '72) there was a song called "Entre Y Sale" i like it very much..Altough i am not more into jazzy things i love the voice and singing style of Flora Purim..and in this song a lady sings the song with flora's style..i asked myself "may this singing lady be Flora?" "this singing style is very characteristic..i met this singing style many times in albums from Brasil..was this style of singing have name?" i did a net search..couldnt find any valuable results..then i asked my friends from Brasil..Thanks to Isabel, she gave me many smilar names and informations..(i will share my researches in future posts) and Eduardo said he has own vinyl rip of manduka(1979)..i downloaded from him..after listening it i said wow!! i like the album very much till i downloaded, i become addict of some know what kind of a copy/paster i am..Altough Manduka have many albums,works with los Jaivas i couldnt find a good review in english..some reviewers tells the albums like: you may feel like you are listening the album when reading..i am not like them. so you gonna listen and you gonna rate them for your own :) please feel free to write informations/reviews in of my favorite..KeEp liSteNinG!

Thanks to mr.melody for sharing this great viny rip with us.

LiNks iN CommEnts..



nahavanda said...

Click here to download.

Isabel said...


eu aprecio muito o teu esforço, empenho e dedicação em divulgar a música que estava perdida.

você nos proporciona a oportunidade de conhecer sons e melodias "novas" mas antigas e maravilhosas.

tudo o que eu puder fazer para ajudar nessa divulgação eu farei.

Pode contar comigo!

Isabel - Brasil



I apreciate a lot your effort, pledge and decidicaton to make public the music was lost.

You deserve us the opportunity to know “new” sounds and melodies, oldies and wonderful.

Everything I should can do to make public your BLOG, I´ll do.

Keep me on the team!

Isabel - Brasil

Ian_in_budapest said...

I already have a copy of this album and like you I think it is fantastic. When I first heard it I was stunned that such a work could exist in obscurity. I have a huge collection of Brazilian music and this easily ranks amongst the very best.

I could not locate the link - I was interested to see if this rip is better than the one I already have.

Anonymous said...

guys! if you love this album then you need to hear this!!!!

while i was searching for that i also found this


Anonymous said...

Sadly the link in the apparent comments does not work, says
"file not found"

Please re-post this :o)

Anonymous said...

Please re-post this gem, Im dying to hear it, there is no file available ot download here, thanks.

nahavanda said...

look to this post again in 2 days, i will upload it for you.

nahavanda said...

Raphael Carvalho Gimenes said...

any other links? these are not working :( cheers

isabelbc said...

link ok here

Raphael Carvalho Gimenes said...

any way to repost this again with 320kbps?? :) obrigado demais!

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