Thursday, July 05, 2007

Agincourt "Fly Away" {UK} [1970] (Folk)

Recorded 1970 released on private pressing 1974 (99 copies) this CD release is most welcome.

A beautiful blend of folk and psychedelia -- carried off with a bit of a Sunshine Pop twist as well! The recording's got a homespun sort of feel -- one that's a lot less polished than other efforts like this of the time, in a way that really furthers the charming nature of the tunes. There's clearly elements of bigger, more established acts filtering through the music -- but the end result is deeply personal and homespun. John Ferdinando and Peter Howe sing in a harmony-based style on some of the best tracks -- more Sunshine than folk, despite the acoustic guitars on the set -- and the lovely Lee Menelaus also delivers some great vocals too, further sweetening up the sound! Many tunes have a catchy, jingly-jangly quality -- a bit like post-folk work from the west coast of the late 60s -- and titles include "Mirabella", "All My Life", "Going Home", "Joy In The Finding", "Get Together", "When I Awoke", and "Lisa". CD features 2 bonus tracks -- "Going Home (alt)" and "Though I May Be Dreaming (stereo)" -- plus a well-done booklet, filled with plenty of notes!

This particular album is folkier than Ithaca, for example, but like the latter still has a strong Moody Blues influence, particularly on the best track Through The Eyes Of A Lifetime, which begins with a poem and ends with some lovely piano-dominated instrumentation. The opening cut When I Awoke is a very pleasant folky number with some lovely female vocals. Next up is Though I May Be Dreaming, which has a gorgeous acoustic guitar intro and more delicious female vocals. There's some nice flute work on instrumental Joy In The Finding, Dawn and Kind Sir. All My Life is a nice piano-led piece with a spooky sounding ending. All the material is written by either Ferdinando or Howell and whilst I'd be reluctant to recommend people to fork out hundreds on the album, the CD reissue is essential for fans of progressive folk.



01. When I Awoke 3:21
02. Though I May Be Dreaming 3:18
03. Get Together 2:56
04. Joy In the Finding 3:15
05. Going Home 2:34
06. All My Life 3:00
07. Mirabella 1:45
08. Take Me There 2:38
09. Lisa 2:40
10. Dawn 3:24
11. Barn Owl Blues 3:09
12. Kind Sir 3:04
13. Through the Eyes of a Lifetime (in 3 parts) 5:21


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