Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pogonophobia "The Father The Son and The Holy Plant" {Sweden} [2006-2007] (Psychadelik, Kraut)

Wow what a trip! First time I listend to this my mind went off to a trip to an unknown place I dont know if I have been recovered yet. Imagine early Ash Ra Temple, Guru Guru, Träd Gräs och Stenar and some flutes from Jethro Tull. Very rare private released stuff never seen a copy before just heard some samples so this is a great oppertunity to get it. Dont get afraid that it is released in 2007 this sounds like it could have been recorded back in 1971.The band camed from the south off Sweden and Bax have been playing organ in Rohans Horn a very good Hansson & Karlsson styled band. But my opinion is that its not until this album that he gets absolutley free hands to what he is best on, to make really good psychadelic! Göran are handling the guitar like Manuel Göttsching at his best moments. A funny thing is that pogonophobia means that you are afraid of beard. People get ready to take off!

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Bax Svensson : Keyboards, Flute, Bass Flute, Percussion
Göran Svensson: Guitar, Lap-Steel, Voice, Percussion

Pogonophobia part I 4.39
Pogonophobia part II 5.43
Pogonophobia part III 5.45
Pogonophobia part IV 14.36
Pogonophobia part V 6.06
Pogonophobia part VI 16.39

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Best wishes from Sweden


Unknown said...

Copy paste

Anonymous said...

Very good indeed!

I usually don't bother with modern music because of all awful digital instruments, but this is great!

/Kalle A.

Anonymous said...

Excellent album, thanks! BTW, the last word of the title is "Plant", not "Planet". You can clearly see it in the jpg of the back cover.


totem said...

Hi ! thanks for the post. really good music to listen at. more space and night addicted music than psyke. somewhere it reminds me tangerine dream and pioneers over C....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This front cover seens to be a stilized mushroom spore print !

I am very curious to listen this album!

Congratulations for your blog!


phil said...

hi there - any idea where the Rohans Horn cd disappeared to???!!!
any chance of a re-up, please?!

Max-o said...

PLEASE re-upload! Myself and so many others (I'm sure) would be so grateful. Thank you - and we adore your blog ;)

isabelbc said...


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