Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Corpus 2 - "Rice" {Russia} [1991] (prog rock)

This is a really obscure record. It was released on a vinyl only by a small private label in Russia in early 90s - very unfortunate time for progressive rock - and sank into oblivion before a new wave of interest in this kind of music emerged in the second half of the decade. I have neither cover art nor line-up information for this one, and I don't know anything about the band's history. All I know is what my ears tell me - this is rather fresh sounding, albeit somewhat crude and naive at times, melodic progressive rock embellished with stylizations for Oriental music and timid avant try-outs. Most of the album is instrumental, few tracks have vocal parts sung in Russian. Overall, a nice and wrongly forgotten effort which may appeal to a wide circle of listeners. I am really thankful to a person who made this album available at Ru_Tape.


1. The pearl
2. Deuterium
3. Riding a white elephant
4. Tai fai
5. Dance of shadows. Rice
6. Flamper zamper
7. Fai tai
8. The glimpse
9. The spring

The link is to be found in the comments.
PS: Actual cover art added, thanks to Flora.


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Anonymous said...¤cy=5&stringa=&stringt=&spop_id=&exact_search=0&pagination_easy_mode=0&n_ref_list=&general_state=&search_mode=3&list_index=1&n_ref=112285908&tete=corpus%202&fmt=0&categ_rech=0&page=1&alpha=0 (English version)

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Anonymous said...

This is a damn good record. I liked most the somewhat barbarian sounding 5th track the best, but the latter are awesome, too. Thank you. I have choosen - I have to say: of course :) - russian version.

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new link:

zencd said...

The link is dead however.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to re-upload this one?

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