Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pappo's Blues "Vol 3" {Argentina} [1972] (Heavy Blues Rock)

I got some vacation, so I have to post this one now when I have posted Billy Bond. This is (in my opinion) the best album with Pappo or Norberto Napolitano. A short history: Born March 10th 1950 and died 24th of February 2005 in a motorcycle accident. In his early days of his carrier he played with Los Gatos and Los Abuelos de la Nada. He even played piano on Manals coast tour. Later he joined Cónexio Nro 5. Well the first Pappo's Blues album was released 1971 and you can here that he is a self taught guitar hero. Vol 3 is maybe the heaviest album he have done. Its opens with the sped instrumental song " Stratocaster Boogie" and ends with the superb blues song" Siempro Es Lo Mismo Ena". This power trio only deliver good stuff so download it now!


1. Stratocaster Boogie
2. Pajara Metallico
3. Sucio Y Desprolijo
4. El Sur De La Ciudad
5. Sandwiches De Miga
6. El Brujo Y El Tiempo
7. Trabajndo En El Ferrocarril
8. Caras En El Parque
9. Siempre Es Lo Mismo Nena

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Thanks! I can never say no to a good blues album. :D

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More Pappo's Blues albums, please!!!

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New links please and hugh thanks to you for this

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