Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nazca - "Nazca" {Mexico} [1985] (neoclassical/avant)

For many reasons, it took me quite some time to post this excellent (and requested) upload by our friend Francisco Ayes. This is a piece of dark, sinister and somewhat disturbing experimental music in neoclassical avant-garde vein. Neither frog, nor prog, but probably still not out of place here..

"All of the album's compositions contain anywhere from a few to a dozen musical pictures that are different among themselves: in tone, mood, and the level of loudness. Although there are more low rather than powerful arrangements on the album, all of them are highly complex and at the same time very intriguing. Rather silent crossing solos and passages of oboe and piano change with the moderately loud interplay between a bass guitar, bassoon, two violins, and a wide variety of percussion instruments, etc, again and again, and over.For the most part, precisely the fact of the predominance of low and even silent (in places) arrangements makes the music of Nazca so distinctly unique. Unlike all of the other musical contents of the album, the RIO-sounding parts are rather dark and sinister, and these are the only instances that remind me of Univers Zero" (Vitaly Menshikov,

The download link is to be found in the comments.

Once again, our thanks go to Francisco Ayes.


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Thanks for the mention. What a superb description of Nazca's music you just wrote. Here's the second: ESTACION DE SOMBRA.

Thanks very much to you for your posts.

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